5 Common Problems our Land Rover Service in Cheltenham Treat

Our family-run business offers a friendly and specialised Land Rover service in Cheltenham. Our fully trained technicians have seen many of the same problems recently and we’d like to share with you the 5 most common issues they come across.

Land Rover Service in Cheltenham


Problem: An issue with the front arm suspension is one of the most common repairs performed by our Land Rover service in Cheltenham.

Symptoms: A knocking sound coming from the front suspension, most often when driving at a low speed. You can test this yourself by driving at a slow speed before applying the brakes. If you hear a knocking sound when you break then the issue is more than likely your lower suspension arm bushes.

Fix: More often than not an MOT check will indicate to a failure with the lower suspension bushes have failed. However, it’s more cost-effective to replace the complete lower suspension arm.

Once the arm is replaced, our technicians will make sure that your car is 4-wheel aligned, taking time to check the toe and camber, so your Land Rover doesn’t pull to one side and unevenly wear out your tires.


Problem: Due to the high power and weight of your Land Rover, another well-known issue treated by our Land Rover service in Cheltenham, is the brake discs or pads.

Symptoms: The average life span of brake discs is roughly 32,000 miles. When they are too worn down you will likely hear a squealing sound whenever you apply the brakes.

Fix: If the worn pads are spotted early enough then it’s likely that only the pads will need changing. However, left too long and the discs will also need to be replaced. The warning light will usually come on if it is already too late.

Land Rover Service in Cheltenham


Problem: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves are now fitted to most modern vehicles in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions. The EGR takes gases from the exhaust and sends it into the cylinders at a lower temperature to produce less harmful nitrogen oxide gas. The problem is that this, in turn, creates more soot which can build-up which can stop the valves from working.

Symptoms: The common symptoms of a faulty EGR valve are black smoke leaving your exhaust, a significant loss of power, and often a higher than usual fuel consumption.

Fix: If you suspect your EGR valves may be faulty we recommend heading to our Land Rover service in Cheltenham. Our specialists will use the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to confirm whether or not there is a problem.

Land Rover Service in Cheltenham
Land Rover Service in Cheltenham
Land Rover Service in Cheltenham
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Problem: While the all-round air suspension sets it apart from its rivals in terms of off-road ability, the technicians here at our Land Rover service in Cheltenham are finding suspension related faults are becoming commonplace because of the varying components involved.

Symptoms: The vehicle may be slow to rise, and may fail to go into off-road or access mode. Often the warning light can appear yellow. Look for the warning light that is in the shape of a car with an arrow over the top of it. You may also see messages along your dashboard informing you that your height options are unavailable.

Fix: We would recommend a diagnostic test because the symptoms can be caused by a variety of issues, from the height sensor to the valve, to the compressor pump. Because we the very latest diagnostic equipment for servicing and MOTs, we can narrow down the cause before replacing any parts.


Problem: This is a very common problem among Land Rover vehicles and it is usually because the actuator has seized.

Symptoms: The handbrake will not release and the rear wheels are locked.

Fix: If your actuator does in fact need replacing then it is likely that the discs and shoes will also have to be replaced to certify the warranty for the part. At our Land Rover service in Cheltenham, we use the latest diagnostic technology to give you a full report before we recommend replacing any parts.

While these are the 5 most common issues that our Land Rover specialists encounter, our technicians are on hand to answer any questions you might have about your vehicle. As a family-run business, we treasure our customer relationships and will always provide you and your family with the guidance and support you need.


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