Gotherington cross garage

Broken down?

Here at GX we provide Local call outs and recovery for all makes and models of vehicles for customers that don’t have recovery already in place.

Local call outs

Has your vehicle not started one morning? The most common issue especially in winter months is a flat battery. Here at GX we have battery packs to jump start your vehicle so you can get back on the road.

Have you got a flat tyre and no spare wheel? Another common problem, here at gx we have a portable air line and tools we can bring to you to help with changing your flat tyre.


Has your vehicle broken down on the road? No problem we have two recovery trailer that allows us to tow any vehicle up to 3.5 tonne and towing vehicles for rope towing.

For further afield and out of hours recovery please contact our independent contractor PH recovery – 07778358408

Who will be able to recover your vehicle and bring it to us to diagnose and repair.


Our satisfied customers

Great service, good old family values.


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