Terms & Conditions


In asking us to accept your vehicle you are asking us to carry out work and in so doing entering into a contract with us


We shall carry out work on your vehicle applying all due diligence


Our work is provided with the following warranties

‘After market’ parts (ie : not-main dealer) & labour – 12 months warranty, subject to any special parts supplier conditions

Main dealer parts – ‘main dealer’ warranty only – no warranty on labour

No warranty on second-hand parts or parts supplied by customer, or the labour charges to fit them


Customers are advised to check wheel torque after 30 miles if any of your wheels have been removed, we are happy to do this for you free of charge


All assessment / investigation work (unless otherwise agreed) is chargeable


We are able to refer customers to a local independent party recovery service , but we DO NOT ourselves provide a call out / recovery service – we recommend ALL customers to obtain AA/RAC cover (or equivalent)


We provide a Courtesy Car service to customers, totally at our discretion and subject to availability and in strict accordance with our ‘Use of Courtesy Cars’ – Terms and Conditions


All customer vehicles are to be collected on the day work is completed (unless otherwise agreed) – If vehicles are not collected on the same day then a STORAGE CHARGE OF £25.00 + VAT PER DAY will be added to your invoice


If our Courtesy Car has been provided and (unless otherwise agreed) is not returned to us on the day work is completed on your vehicle  then a LATE RETURN FEE OF £25.00 + VAT per day will be added to your invoice


All invoices must be paid in full, before collection/release of your vehicle (unless you hold approved/authorised account terms with us)


We DO NOT accept payment by AMEX or CHEQUE


We ONLY ACCEPT payment by card for amounts of £10.00 or over


We do not provide credit terms, other than to fully approved and authorised Account holders 


Account-holders MUST pay their outstanding invoices in FULL no later than 30 days from the date of Invoice, otherwise (as specified on our invoice) a 15% surcharge will be added to the invoice


Warranty Claims – In every case, we will ONLY accept payment in full from the customer


Wherever an initial investigation/assessment is required to determine the nature of work to be submitted for warranty approval – the customer will be FULLY liable for payment in full of these investigation/assessment costs, irrespective of the outcome of the Warranty Claim


If the warranty claim is authorised we will notify the customer of the Warranty Company authorisation number to enable the customer to recover costs directly from the Warranty Company.


If the warranty claim is NOT authorised by your warranty company, then of course no authorisation code will be given and our invoice will need to be paid IN FULL by the customer


Some warranty companies only cover part of our labour rate and time – ANY shortfall will need to be paid for by the customer before the vehicle is released.


Some warranty companies also do not cover some parts, fluids, and diagnostics – these MUST be paid for by the customer before the vehicle is released.


PLEASE NOTE – whilst we will provide our utmost support in assisting warranty claims, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure approval from the warranty company – NOT ours


We reserve the right in ANY circumstances to obtain FULL payment from the customer for work done and for the customer to seek reimbursement from the Warranty Company

Use of Courtesy Cars

Our courtesy cars are provided free of charge for you to use while your car is in for repair with us 


Our insurance policy for providing this service to you ONLY covers the person who has signed the courtesy vehicle out in our register at our Reception Desk


Once you have signed for the vehicle from us, you are responsible for ANY damage that has been caused to the vehicle (and consequential cost of repair) at any time during the period signed out, until the time you sign the vehicle back in our register at our Reception Desk


 If this vehicle breaks down due to your fault, you will be responsible for the full cost of recovery and repairs


There is an excess on the vehicle should you have an accident and it being your fault of £600 (ADDITIONAL EXCESS OF £300 for any driver aged under 25 years and drivers of any age, holding a full licence less than 12 months)


While you have the vehicle you are responsible for the fuel in this vehicle. If you are provided with a vehicle with fuel – please return the vehicle with at least the same level of fuel. You are required to fuel the vehicle when provided to you to cover your mileage usage whilst using the vehicle


You are fully responsible for payment of any parking tickets, speeding fines, congestion charges, low emission charges and any other vehicle-related offences incurred during the time the vehicle is with you


ALL our courtesy cars carry a strict NON SMOKING & NO PETS policy – please STRICTLY ADHERE TO THESE CONDITIONS


Please return the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition – Please remove ALL rubbish and your belongings from inside the vehicle when returning the vehicle.


If you experience any problems with the vehicle whilst driving it please report it to our reception immediately


Whilst we are pleased to be able to offer the provision of courtesy cars to customers where needed – this service is always subject to availability and at our complete discretion


From time to time – as a result of unforeseen extensions to completion times for customers vehicles who have already been provided with courtesy cars – the availability of courtesy cars is always subject to change at short notice, if vehicles are not returned to us as originally planned


All courtesy vehicles will be inspected before hand over /return of customer vehicle 


If in our reasonable opinion the courtesy vehicle is found to be returned in an unacceptable condition or fuel used not replaced – a surcharge of £80 + vat will be added to the customer invoice


Unless otherwise agreed by us, all customers cars must be collected on the day of completion of the work


If not collected then a storage charge of £25 + vat per day will be added to the customer invoice


We will use our best endeavours to provide courtesy cars through the duration of the time your vehicle is with us – but we can provide no guarantee and occasionally this may not be possible and if requested the car must be returned to us on the day we request its return


 if the car is not returned to us on the day requested a late return fee of £25 + vat per day will be added to the customer invoice (we will always reserve the right to notify you of our intention to recover the vehicle if not returned to us and a recovery charge of £150 + vat will be added to the customer invoice)