Land Rover Chassis Repair

Our Land Rover experts are well-versed in Land Rover Chassis Repair. It’s a common problem our mechanics see all the time. This is a frequent cause of MOT failures and one with visible corrosion can be very dangerous when towing. Even if it does pass it’s MOT this isn’t always a clear indication that the chassis is safe and sound as most MOT testers will only visually check the chassis.

Land Rover Chassis Repair

Our experts will check to see how far the corrosion has damaged the chassis, as often all that is needed is the replacement of the rear quarter chassis, rather than the full chassis replacement.

The repair involves removal of the tow bracket and fuel tank, cutting the old cross member off with oxy-acetylene gear, replacement with a new quarter chassis, rebuilding and painting. 

We can usually replace the rear quarter chassis within 1-2 days.

5 Signs Your Chassis Needs Repairing

Increased fuel consumption

Unfamilar noise when the car is in motion

Poor handling

Improper steering

Abnormal wearing to tyres

Here’s a look back at a few of the Land Rover Chassis Repair jobs that came to us this year, and the steps taken to restore them…

Step 1: We remove or cut off the mounting bolts that hold the body onto the rear quarter chassis.

Land Rover Chassis Repair

Step 2: Next we measure the length of the new rear quarter chassis so we can mark where to cut the chassis rails.

Land Rover Chassis Repair

Step 3: Once we are happy with the measurements we use the angle grinder to clean up the steel for welding. We remove as much rust and mud from inside the chassis rails as possible.

Step 4: We then remove the towing bracket before discarding the old rear quarter chassis.

Step 5: We then treat the rusty steelwork with Metalmorphosis to neutralize the rust.

Step 6: We then remove the rusty bolts that held the rear body.

Step 7: Next, we offer up the new rear quarter chassis over the chassis rails and bolt onto the rear body. We use a large clamp to close up the splayed chassis extensions onto the old chassis rails.

Step 8: Our next step is to spot weld the rear quarter chassis until we are satisfied with the location and can then completely weld the chassis rails.

Step 9: Once the chassis is fully welded we can apply some Metalmorphosis and a coat of paint to ensure it lasts for years to come.

If you think your vehicle might need some repair work done to the rear chassis, or a replacement installed, please get in touch. We have a team of Land Rover specialist mechanics with over 15 years experience of landrover repairs, MOT testing and servicing.

The cost for rear quarter chassis replacement is from £850 + VAT.


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