Knowing Your Brake Pads & Discs

Around 20% of MOTs fail from faulty/worn brake pads and discs. At this time of year, when driving in cold, rainy weather it is essential in knowing your brake pads and discs to check they are not damaged and are functioning properly, especially if you are planning a longer journey.

There are many factors as to how long your brake pads will last, so as a general rule, check them every 30’000 miles unless you experience any of the signs below. 

How you know that you brake pads and discs are unsafe and need replacing

Gotherington Cross Screeching Brakes
Gotherington Cross Brake Discs

1.  Warning Light

The most obvious indication on the majority of vehicles is a brake pad worn warning light, displayed on the dashboard. This will indicate that one or more of the pads needs replacing

Most vehicles are fitted with wear sensors to detect when front or rear brake pads are becoming worn and unsafe. 

2. Vibrating or Screeching Brakes

When braking, if you hear a loud screeching noise or vibrations then you will need to book in for a service/inspection as soon as possible. A member of our experienced team can inspect your car and replace both the brake pads and discs if needed. 

Brake pads are designed to protect the brake discs; by experiencing vibrations or a loud screeching sound means that they are no longer working efficiently.

3. Poor brake response, fading and pulling

When braking, if your vehicle appears to be pulling to one side then it is more than likely that there is uneven pad wear.

This can seriously affect the brake efficiency of the vehicle and can become unsafe quickly. This needs to be checked and changed as soon as possible.

Are you experiencing any of these signs on your vehicle?  Make sure you know how to check your brake pads … if not contact us TODAY! 

How to check your brake pads and discs 

The quickest and simplest way to check your brake pads and disc is to visually inspect them. You should be able to see over the wheels to look at the brake discs.

Damage of the brake pads and discs is reasonably easy to see…

Gotherington Cross Garage Break Pad

Worn brake pad – needs replacing

Brand new brake pad

When to replace the brake pads:

If your brake pads have a depth of 3-5mm then you should start to think about booking in to get them replaced. If the depth is below 3mm then you need to book in immediately to ensure the safety of the vehicle. 

However if you have experienced any of the signs as mentioned above then it is always worth giving us a call.


When to replace the brake discs:

Brake discs aren’t as easy to spot for signs or wear. If you can visibly see that the brake discs have excessive grooves or ridges in then give us a call as this can affect the performance of the brakes which may become unsafe.

Routine maintenance will save you having to frequently visit the garage 

Knowing your brake pads and discs, and when they are becoming worn is important. We would advise that if you travel a reasonable amount of miles per year, to check your vehicle’s brakes twice a year to avoid any immediate concerns. 

If you are concerned or unsure about the wear of your brake pads and discs, we advise giving us a call to book in.

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