5 Ways To Improve Your Fuel Economy

At a time where becoming more sustainable is at the forefront of our everyday lives, we wanted to give you 5 ways to improve your fuel economy.

Not only can this help save you money on fuel and increase your all-important miles per gallon (mpg) figure but it will also contribute in helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions and pollution.

1 . Make Sure You Maintain Your Vehicle 

Regular maintenance and servicing improves the efficiency of your vehicle, and therefore can improve your fuel consumption.

If your engine is maintained and all engine fluids are topped up it can run more efficiently and this will ultimately lower your fuel consumption.

You can make sure that your vehicle is maintained correctly by checking your engine fluids every four weeks and having a car service every 12 months, or 10,000 miles, whichever comes sooner.


2 . Check Your Tyre Pressures 

Did you know that driving on incorrectly inflated tyres can actually have a negative impact on your fuel economy? This is because under inflated tyres require more momentum in order to move, and this, in turn, requires a greater amount of fuel.

Make sure you check your tyre pressures once a month and before any long journeys to lower your fuel economy and also to help protect your tyres from damage.


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3 . Slow it down … 

Although you are driving the same distance, taking it at a slower speed is more beneficial for your fuel economy. Cars have an optimum performance speed, which is usually between 55-60mph, and once this is surpassed, you will be using more fuel to maintain your speed. 

Additionally, any sharp acceleration or braking can have a negative impact on your fuel economy. Try to drive more smoothly, and in high gears whenever possible, to increase your fuel efficiency.


4 . Plan Ahead 

As mentioned, fuel cost can vary in different places, and one of the most expensive places to refuel tends to be service stations on motorways. For this reason, you should plan ahead and fill up your tank before embarking on a long journey. You should also keep an eye on local traffic reports before making any journeys by car. Avoid congested routes if possible, as starting and stopping your engine will use more fuel.


5 . Weight Of Your Car

If you are driving with a heavy load your fuel consumption will be higher as your vehicle will need to work harder to travel. This is unavoidable in some situations, but if you tend to leave bulky items in your car unnecessarily or keep your bike rack attached when not in use, you should try to streamline your vehicle, by removing them when not in use.

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